Jackson is a 5 year old Lab who is ready to find his forever home. He is aprroximately 71 pouns, house broke, and a very loving dog. He gets along well with other dogs. We are uncertain of cats.

If you saw our post on him in July 2023 you will remember that he had escaped transport and disappeared for 2 years. Luckily he was microchipped and eventually caught and taken back to the shelter where we then picked him up.

He was now heartworm positive (July 2023) and needed treatment before we could find him his forever home. Dr. Michelle Schmidt at Montezuma Vet Clinic in Cortez administered Jackson's treatments and later (Dec 2023) tested negative for heartworms. Yay! JACKSON IS READY FOR HIS FOREVER HOME!

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Update on Captain!

Captain is doing well.  He could be adopted to the right person or family but would need to be an only dog.  He seems to get excitable around other males and has started one fight with another one of Obe's male dogs. 

He is not good with cats or small animals (such as chickens).  He needs someone experienced handling a big dog, he is strong!  Otherwise, he is a big bundle of love!

adoption questionnaire. Thank you!


I am a very well behaved hurricane trapped in a 90# dog’s body. When indoors I am very composed, know the rules and get along with everybody. I have cat friends that abuse me with claws and I never lash out. I love attention and love pleasing people and the reaction it gets.

I love the outdoors and I absolutely love to run. I am lead trained and have been working hard on a 50′ training lead. I understand stay, no and sit…the latter when I want to. I also understand a couple of hand commands and am clicker trained. I come when called and roam a large property off lead during my daytime exercise.

I like car rides but will need some training, all of my rides have been in a right hand drive vehicle so I sit in the passenger seat…which is most likely your drivers seat. I am fine using a seat belt so the adjustment won’t be too painful.

Sales Pitch:

Need a well behaved buddy that only wants to please? Good with other animals even when being abused by said animals? Need an outdoors buddy? She loves the snow, she does great keeping up with me on single track trails with my e-bike, she is great hiking (if you have had a dog not so great at picking lines you understand) and can go hours and hours. She needs and thrives in an active lifestyle. She is young and as a result excitable…she is still learning but has the foundation well set. She can be left alone WITHOUT BEING CRATED and she won’t destroy stuff or kill cats. She has been trained to do her business on straw…we have cactus on the property so to save her an oops moment I laid a 3’x3′ section of straw for her to do her business.

Personality: More people pleasing pit bull rather than any of the lab traits. She doesn’t really care to play fetch, she really doesn’t like toys all that much and she isn’t magnetized to water. She will sniff out game trails and track them for distances if she is allowed…about the only lab trait she exhibits. She loves to run, like absolutely loves to run…in the snow even better. She is goofy…derpy if you will… but isn’t dumb or incapable of doing anything she is trained for.

Progress Made: When I started fostering Midnight she was unsure of herself, very guarded and wanted nothing to do with new people. She is now a very confident dog that exudes energy and positive vibes. She now greets people cautiously while wagging her tail rather than circling new people with tail dropped. She has gotten used to life on a large rural property and the temptations that abound…namely wildlife.

With all the snow this winter we have far more deer on the property that have been pushed down from higher elevations. At first she chased…see something run and chase. Now she will run 15-20 feet towards the deer, let out one hollow bark and point with her tail wagging. Honestly if she lived her long enough I guarantee she would befriend a deer at some point, she wants to play and wants a buddy. She ignores the rabbits, fox and rock squirrels at this point. She is a gentle dog, a few months after being here she got in the chicken coop with me and grabbed a hen…proudly running up to me to show me how good a girl she was. The hen was not happy but completely unharmed…literally feathers untouched.

For the first several months she was always on lead…a large un-fenced property with a canyon, wild animals, cactus…couldn’t or wouldn’t trust her. I bought a GPS tracker for her but have never had to use it. Today I can let her out to do her business and she will come back when she is done. She is only on lead at night more for my peace of mind as we have had mountain lions on the property this year. She comes when called, will return when she hears the clicker or loud clapping.

Where she needs work: Jumping up on people when she is excited…a work in progress. She is getting better and making progress, hoping to have her broke of this habit before she leaves me. It is concerning for the young/elderly/disabled as she is a stout dog with some power.

Catching…I know a minor thing. She doesn’t play with toys much, doesn’t like to retrieve. She has an immense food drive so she is super easy to train…that is until you toss her the reward and it bounces off her nose and she opens her mouth 3 seconds late. I cannot understate this…in my 50+ years on this planet…dog owner/foster for most…hundreds of dogs through my various homes…she is by far…the worst at catching treats/food/anything really. Fill out an adoption questionnaire


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*All adoptable dogs will be subject to an application process, home inspection, and adoption fee. 

A majority of adoptable dogs will be Pit Bulls. The breed is discriminated against and negatively   stereotyped by media and other individuals, their adoption families will be carefully selected. If  you are interested in an adoption, please fill out the form below!

*Standard Adoption Fee: $200 for adults 9 month and above /$300 for puppies up to 9 months of age (unless otherwise discussed)

Zora is now ready to find her forever home! She is completely vetted, super sweet, gets along with other dogs and loves attention!

Previously she has been neglected and starved. She came to Obe's Angels emaciated. She inhales her food now and we have had to implement the re-feeding syndrome method with small proportions several times a day. We would continue to recommend this type of feeding for her future.

Her new owner(s) need to be patient with her. She has counter surfed for food at times but quickly corrects when you tell her no.

If you can provide this angels with her new home please fill out an adoption questionnaire. Thank you!