​I've been drawn to animals for as long as I can remember. My husband John and I have rescued a dozen dogs and several cats over the years, from shelters, off the street, from halfway across the country. We had volunteered for a couple of rescues before moving to Dolores, being involved in many aspects including fostering. It has enlightened us to how great the need for rescues, foster homes, and volunteers, and how important it is for rescues, shelters, and the community to work together to educate and hopefully reduce the millions of animals destroyed every year in shelters in this country alone. It has been so rewarding to help them overcome their fears and learn to love and trust again. We "failed" at fostering a number of times because we fall in love hard and fast, and regretted that we couldn't keep every one that came to live with us.

Even as a child, my pets were a very important part of my life. I am very tender hearted when it comes to abandoned or abused animals. For over twenty years I have been rescuing animals. I was usually very successful at finding homes for them myself. However now that I have returned to the reservation to finish out my teaching career, the needs for services have greatly increased. During this time I have been fortunate to be able to network with several organizations who have helped me with rescues, spay/ neuter costs, and vet bills. The need is so great in these areas. I am very happy to be on the board of Obe's Angels Rescue.This organization will be a wonderful addition to the network of other rescue groups with the same goals. Hopefully together we can make a difference to improve the many homeless and abused animals in the Four Corners area.

Ever since I could walk and talk, I have loved animals. My favorite TV network has always been Animal Planet and that's where my passion all started. In school, most kids first aspirations are to be a ballerina or football player, not me. I have always dreamt of being a Veterinarian, Own a sanctuary or work at a Zoo. My first best friend, Anja, Was an 80 IBS German Shepherd. She helped start my love and Ambition for dogs and cats. I've rescued most my life including now, with my 3 dogs, (Hannah is in the pic) and two cats.  They are All rescues. I've volunteered in the animal community all my life and its now a lifestyle I cannot stray from. In the future, I still intend on getting DVM and following my passions till I die. 

I have loved and grown up with animals all my life. However, several years ago, a dog named Obe came into my life and would set my passion and advocacy for animals to a whole new level. Obe really taught me that dogs were more like humans than I once thought. Obe, a black lab, has since passed but his pittie brother and sister are still living. As an owner of Pit Bulls, I have witnessed the stereotype and discrimination that has been placed upon this breed. As a result, I am dedicated to saving as many of these canines as possible and giving them the love and care they deserve. Ultimately their own forever home. 

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