~About Us~

Even as a child, my pets were a very important part of my life. I am very tender hearted when it comes to abandoned or abused animals. For over twenty years I have been rescuing animals. I was usually very successful at finding homes for them myself. However now that I have returned to the reservation to finish out my teaching career, the needs for services have greatly increased. During this time I have been fortunate to be able to network with several organizations who have helped me with rescues, spay/ neuter costs, and vet bills. The need is so great in these areas. I am very happy to be on the board of Obe's Angels Rescue.This organization will be a wonderful addition to the network of other rescue groups with the same goals. Hopefully together we can make a difference to improve the many homeless and abused animals in the Four Corners area.

-------- Kathy Roatcap --------

I have loved and grown up with animals all my life. However, several years ago, a dog named Obe came into my life and would set my passion and advocacy for animals to a whole new level. Obe really taught me that dogs were more like humans than I once thought. Obe, a black lab, has since passed but his pittie brother and sister are still living. As an owner of Pit Bulls, I have witnessed the stereotype and discrimination that has been placed upon this breed. As a result, I am dedicated to saving as many of these canines as possible and giving them the love and care they deserve. Ultimately their own forever home. 

 -------- Nikki Rosenbaugh --------